Learn the art of falconry with The HawkMasterFalconry Courses

As well as our popular HawkMaster displays we are now able to offer hands-on Falconry Courses and Hunting Days from our Oxfordshire base. While ideal for those interested in the ancient art of falconry, perhaps with a view to learning the skills for themselves, the courses also make excellent gifts. Aspects of the one-day course can also be adapted for use within corporate entertainment or as part of a training exercise or seminar.

There are four packages on offer, although the HawkMaster is able to tailor the day to suit most requirements.

An Introduction to Falconry

This is a one-day course designed to give a broad overview of falconry. The day is suitable for anyone who may be considering taking up falconry as a hobby, or for the person with a casual interest who wishes to learn more about this fascinating sport. The culmination of the day will be the opportunity to fly one of our hawks "solo". This course makes an ideal gift.
The cost of this introductory course is 85 for the day, including lunch.

Falconry for Beginners

This two-day course expands on the basic groundwork covered by the Introduction to Falconry course and is aimed at those actually intending to take up falconry, or at least with a serious interest in the sport. Anyone completing the course will not only be well versed in all the basics but will also have set out on the road to acquiring and training their first hawk, making this the perfect first step towards becoming an accomplished falconer. This is very much a "hands-on" course, with detailed notes provided for future reference. Ideally this course should be run over two consecutive days, but we can tailor the days to suit individual requirements.
The cost of this course is 170 for the two days, including lunch.
Accommodation can be provided at extra charge.

Hawking Days

Enjoy a day in the Cotswold countryside flying hawks in the wild. The day starts with a snack breakfast and a briefing of the day’s events. Each person will be under the supervision of an experienced falconer while they enjoy the thrill of the hunt, flying their birds at wild quarry. Lunch is taken in the field or at a local pub.
The cost of this sporting day is 85 per person.

The Falconers’ Feast

This makes for a very special day indeed. Not only will participants be able to enjoy a full day’s hawking (as above), but they will also round off the occasion by being invited to partake of our Falconers’ Feast. Hunt, Drink and make Merry! A day in the field and an evening never to be forgotten - the perfect gift.
The cost of this whole day is 185 per person, including all meals and overnight accommodation.

Corporate days with The HawkMasterIf you are interested in attending one of our courses or falconry days please contact us. We ask for a 10% deposit and, subject to confirmation, a choice of three suitable dates. We would also be pleased to discuss ways in which The HawkMaster can help with corporate events.

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