The HawkMaster's Horses

The HawkMaster uses three horses as part of his display, and we shall expand this page as soon as possible to include photographs of all these magnificent animals.

Eileen Gilmore on MerengoMonty is a Clydesdale. Although not the authentic Destrier or Battle Charger, he is typical of the kind of warhorse employed during medieval times. He stands 16.2 hands.

Merengo, appropriately named after the Napoleonic battle, is three-quarter thoroughbred one quarter Irish Draught. He has an illustrious history, having come to the HawkMaster display after a distinguished career as an officer's charger in the Household Cavalry. Merengo stands just clear of 17 hands.

Newmarket is a full Irish Draught and a "man with a mission". A real Pocket Battleship of a horse, Newmarket stands at 16 hands and joined the HawkMaster display following a tour of duty with the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery. That alone is recommendation enough!



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