Display Requirements

In order to perform effectively and safely The HawkMaster requires a minimum arena area of approximately 70 metres x 70 metres. Access to a public address system is essential and must be compatible with a hands-free microphone system as well as a quality CD player.

The minimum area for our Static Display is 15m x 8m. In the interests of public safety, and for the well-being of our animals, it is also important for organisers to arrange for adequate stewarding between the arena and the Static Display. Although The HawkMaster’s horses are well used to the noise and activity of the showground it is important that this request is adhered to.

Where a show is more than 200 miles from our base near Oxford, or is scheduled to last for two or more days, we would ask that stabling for our horses be provided. The display is surprisingly strenuous and our animals will require adequate rest before repeating the show.

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