The HawkMaster Display

"Nothing but praise from our end! Chris Tuffrey, The HawkMaster
A big hit - as was expected."
Margaret Edgil, Punchestown

This was how one major show organiser described The HawkMaster display, and it is typical of the kind of comments we receive after a show.

The HawkMaster offers one of the most impressive displays to be seen anywhere involving birds of prey and horses. The power of the horse and the majestic flight of the eagle, hawk and falcon have been brought together to create a totally original spectacle.

Every aspect of the show has been meticulously planned in great detail. The result is far more than just a combination of horses, birds and riders, but a recreation of a medieval hunting scene. The horses alone are impressive beasts, with Monty and Newmarket standing 16 hands, plus Merengo at 17 hands. (Our Horses have their own page, where you can find out more about them.) Carefully chosen music sets the scene as Chris and Eileen begin the display. Their own costumes and those of the horses add to the atmosphere, although Chris, who gives the commentary, can be forgiven the 21st century anachronism of the head mike. With the pennants snapping above the multicoloured pavilions, the colour and spectacle of the horses, and the calling of the birds, numerous members of the public have been inspired to remark on the atmosphere created by The HawkMaster's display. Some find it a very moving experience.

The show has also been very effectively choreographed for the indoor arena. This adaptation allows for greater emphasis on the musical presentation, although language is never a problem, since the dialogue can be given in any one of the major European languages.

The show is typically offered at two performances per day, each lasting up to thirty minutes. Indoor events may require shorter performances, and these have been prepared. The HawkMaster display can be adapted to suit a wide variety of situations, locations and occasions, with performances tailored to individual requirements where necessary.

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