The Static Display

Hawk02.jpg (116998 bytes)The Static Display is the centrepiece for many of The HawkMaster’s shows. It not only gives our birds and horses time to acclimatise to their surroundings, but it also gives visitors the opportunity to admire these magnificent creatures at close quarters.

The display is based on a medieval hunting camp, with striped pavilion-style tents and colourful flags snapping in the breeze. Today we can show a greater variety of birds than would have been possible in medieval times, with examples from far afield as well as the traditional European species, but in other respects the authentic scene is faithfully recreated.

A member of staff is always available to answer questions and explain the finer points of falconry and horsemanship.

If the Static Display is to be part of our presence at an event or showground we will need to know in advance what area has been allocated to us by the organisers. This will determine how many birds we can bring and the extent of the display, but as a guide we normally require a minimum area of approximately fifteen metres by eight.

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